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Heavy Rainfall in Michigan

Aug 22, 2014 By Strongrich & Associates, Inc.

Michigan cannot seem to get a break when it comes to inclement weather. Severe storms and heavy rainfall for the past few weeks have left Michigan homes flooded and streets littered with debris. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder even declared a state of emergency in the Detroit area due to impassable roads, one expressway sitting under 14 feet of water and scattered with abandoned cars. 

In a suburb of Dearborn, around 40% of properties were either flooded or had sewer backups, which were caused by the city’s system not being able to handle the large amount of water. With so many homes being damaged by these storms, most restoration companies are booked for weeks. This is leaving home and business owners to mitigate their flooded areas themselves, which can be very difficult.

With the sudden onslaught of insurance claims, insurance companies and adjusters are working around the clock to make sure home and business owners can get their property back to normal as fast as they can. With another month of summer ahead of us, property owners should do what they can to prepare themselves for the unfortunate possibility of more rain.