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Recent Hail Damage to Michigan Roofs

May 12, 2014 By Strongrich & Associates, Inc.

The month of April gave Michigan roofs a beating with various storms producing vast amounts of hail. While some areas received pea sized hail, others reported golf ball sized chunks. With the countless companies going door-to-door examining the damage with the home or business owner, insurance companies have been hit with numerous claims of damaged property. With all these claims, adjusters must know how to spot the damage that was from the storm and not from a manmade issue.  Hail damage comes when the hail is strong enough to break the membrane of the shingles, causing physical damage. After a hailstorm, metal objects may be dented but shingles can be unharmed; this is all determined by the strength of the hailstorm and the way it hits the shingles. With the temperatures remaining unseasonably low, Michigan roofs might see even more damage in May.